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A look at the book of Galatians with the viewpoint of the "New Perspective on Paul"

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Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD: Stand ye in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls...

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Passover Book

book_cover Download Jesus: The True Passover now in pdf (4.26M)

This book examines the Passover in the Old and New Testament and its implications for Christians in today’s hectic, secular world. The Passover was very important to God’s people in both Old and New Testament times and it has great importance for Christians today.

The controversy surrounding the timing of the Passover among the churches of God, and the scholarly debate about the nature of the Last Supper cloud the spiritual implications of the Passover for many Christians.

How should Christians take the Passover symbols? And why? And when? How does God show us His love through the Passover? How can we show our gratitude to our Saviour and to our loving Father? In all, we must remember to put on the character of our Lord, Jesus the Christ, and we must show judgment and mercy without being judgmental.

The Calculated Jewish Calendar: An Examination of Postponements, New Moons, Seasons and More

The Catholic Church codified their changing of the Sabbath from the seventh day to Sunday at the Council of Nicea in 325 CE although this change had been spreading across Christendom for over two centuries. The Catholic Church began to rigidly enforce this edict in 364 CE with Papal authority after the Council of Laodicia.

At the same general time for the same general reasons using the same kind of authority, Hillel II released his codification of the calculated Jewish calendar. Like the change in the Sabbath instituted by the Catholic Church, the changes made to the observed calendar used by Jesus began to be made centuries before, starting in 90 CE at Jamnia, and took more than two centuries to come to fruition. The calendar that Hillel II released was based on rules that postponed God’s feast days to prevent tandem Sabbaths and to prevent the Lulav ceremony from occurring on the weekly Sabbath. These changes were to prevent interference with Jewish Sabbath traditions, known as halacha.

The Calculated Jewish Calendar is designed to make this history readily available to the reader, while also providing basics in astronomy so that Christians can more fully celebrate all of the feasts of God listed in Leviticus 23. It also asks the question, if the Pope doesn’t have the authority to change the day of the first of God’s feasts listed in Leviticus 23, the weekly Sabbath, do the Jews have the right to change the days of the other feasts?

Download The Calculated Jewish Calendar here.

Alewife of Damariscotta

How can a simple herring be similar to a Christian? Download this article to find out: The Alewife of Damariscotta.

A Second Look at Joab, Captain of the Guard

An examination of the life and times of Joab, the captain of the guard for David, reveals a prospective few have noticed. Is Joab simply a man condemned by David just before he turns over the kingdom to his son Solomon? Look further into this subject with:

Joab, Captain of the Guard

Do you Know the Term "Liberal Scholarship"?

Is the Bible true or is it simply an anthology of myths and fables? Most scholars today hold to one or the other of these two thoughts. If you are studying biblical commentaries, knowing which camp an author belongs to can help you to interpret the message and any underlying assumptions.

Read more in What is Liberal Scholarship?

The Book of Galatians and a New Perspective on Paul

Orthodox Christianity emphasises that Paul's message is very different from that of the Old Testament and of the other apostles, and even redefines the gospel message Jesus delievered. Orthodoxy uses its perspective of Pauline theology, based upon its eisegesis of the book of Galatians along with a few other scriptures, to emphasize that Christianity is a very different religion than the one that Jesus followed while he was here on Earth.

The New Perspective on Paul emphasises that Paul's message is not only in agreement with the rest of scripture, but that his message harmonizes seamlessly with that of the rest of the apostles. This paper uses the background of the New Perspective on Paul to deliver an original exegesis of the book of Galatians.

Download the Galatians paper or the slideshow.

The Forgiveness of God

The Forgiveness of God

How Does God Work with Mankind?

What do the Rod of Moses, the Fiery Serpent, and the Solomon's Temple have in common?

To find out, read this paper:

How Does God Work with Mankind?

Chaos Is Not Confusion

In Hebrew thought, the idea of confusion did not mean a jumbled mess. It did not mean you could not make up your mind between two choices. It did not mean you were lost and could not find your way. It did not mean that you had embraced an errant idea, unless that errant idea caused you to do something that was shameful. In the Bible, something caused confusion was something that caused shame.

How does that differ from chaos?

God is Not the Author of Confusion, but He is the Author of Chaos examines this in detail. Download the paper or the seminar presentation slides.


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