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  • Two Minute Theology

    Two Minute Theology

    Two-minute theology: defining what you believe in under two minutes. Can you do it? I think the easiest way to explain this principle is to look at Passover timing. Admittedly, this is a “non-issue” for most Christians. Outside of the churches of god, everyone knows when the approximate time the Passover lamb was killed. For… Read…

  • Rod of Moses: How Comfortable are You?

    Rod of Moses: How Comfortable are You?

    We are looking at the instruments that God uses and then sometimes takes away as he works with us. Today, we look at the Rod of Moses. If you missed the introduction to the topic, go on back and check it out: How Comfortable are You? The topic will also cover: The Fiery Serpent (Part… Read…

  • How Comfortable are You?

    How Comfortable are You?

    Today’s blog revisits a topic from a time when I was involved in a church breakup.  Many people got very hurt, and we looked at why and what we could possibly learn from it.  While it was uncomfortable at the time, the wounds have now healed, but there are still some lessons we can think… Read…